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Dermaquest Advanced Facials & Microdermabrasion

Essential firming enzyme or DermaQuest prescriptive facial

This revitalizing treatment promotes healthy, balanced skin. Offers an instant visible lift, refines the skin to create a smoother, softer appearance, and leaves skin soft and lusciously hydrated. A brilliant introduction to our products providing an instant radiant glow. Restore skin’s natural vitality by repairing compromised barriers, and reinforcing your natural radiance. Products are selected to suit your individual skin type.

Advanced Retinol Brightening Facial

The next step in skincare Transform, revive, hydrate and rejuvenate skin with this intensly re-texturing, Anti-Ageing and balancing treatment. (45 mins – may experience peeling – Retinol Solution mixed with Hydrating gel mask)

Skin Resurfacer / Peels
Are you looking to brighten and refresh tired looking skin?

Dermaquest treatments will brighten and restore healthy looking skin while encouraging collagen and increasing tightness in the skin. Each treatment is designed with y ou in mind, our therapist will design a program specifically for you.

These treatments use a combination of naturally occurring acids and vitamins A and C to promote healh and recovery. They are suitable for treating:

  • • Ageing skin
  • • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • • Pigmentations and sun damage
  • • Open pores and congested skins
  • • Acne concerns
  • • Rosacea
  • • Uneven skin texture
  • • Anyone who ones enhanced results from homecare products
  • • Maintaining a healthy, youthful skin.
Primary / Power Pumpkin Resurfacer

Offers intense level of exfoliating and resurfacing to improve skins tone and texture. Perfect for congested and acne prone skins, early signs of ageing and enlarged pores. 40% pumpkin pulp and Lactic, Gycolic and salicylic acids provide antibacterial, hydrating and brightening results.

Glycolic Resurfacer

This deeply exfoliating treatment uses a unique blend of Anti Ageing ingredients to retexture damaged skin. Using 30% Glycolic acid to firm and Lilac stem cells to protect from environmental pollution, this is an ideal treatment to plump and firm the skin.

Mango Resurfacer

Designed with Vitamin C, Orange Stem Cells and Mango Pulp. This hydrating and anti-inflamatory resurfacer provides a basic level of exfoliation as it evens skin tone and helps to repair all levels of hyperpigmentation. Kojic Acid diminished dark spots by reducing melanin production for a thoroughly brightened complextion.

Recommended a course of 6 for great the best results
TCA Peel and Retinol

The most comprehensive and potent anti-ageing peel, able to penetrate the deepest epidermal layers. This treatment was formulated to combat severe photo damage, distended pores, deep wrinkles and dull, sagging dkin- A rescue operation for damaged skin.

From £55

Microdermabrasion is a non-evasive skin resurfacing treatment that gently skins away the superficial layer of dead and dull skin with the help of micro crystals.

This quick and convenient treatment immediately restores smoother younger looking skin and is great for treating the following conditions:

• Fine lines and wrinkles
• Sun damaged skin
• Anti-aging effect
• Acne prone skin
• Blackheads
• Whiteheads
• Superficial age spots and hyperpigmentation
• Oily, dry, or patchy skin.

Please note that the side effects include mild swelling and redness that typically begins one hour after having the treatment performed, and can last up to two days.